Companion Planting: Let your garden work for you

July 27, 2017
Categories: Grow

Some ingredients go well together: Tomato with basil. Graham crackers with chocolate and marshmallows. Broccoli and cheese. The same goes for plants in your garden. They’re called “companion plants” and they help each other thrive. When we plant them together, we help create thriving mini-ecosystems that are mutually beneficial for them.

Companion planting is a great way to maximize your garden time, space and material purchases. In many cases, a plant can have a positive or negative reaction to other plants, nutrients and processes. To give you an idea, green beans and strawberries actually do better together than when alone. Or, you can grow sow thistle and lettuce in a very small space because of the deep rooting system of the thistle and short rooting system of the lettuce. Let your family of plants work together so you can work less and enjoy them more.

Here are some common combinations:

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 What is your favorite combination of plants?