Four (More) Easy Ideas to Get Your Kids Gardening

May 01, 2018
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Gardening with the entire family is a great way to get in a little family bonding in (and log some outdoor time) this spring. We’ve already shared four great ways that you can get your kids outside and involved in the garden, and today we’re back with four more ideas to help get your kids off the couch and into the backyard.



  • Create egg container greenhouses to get some seeds started indoors. This is a fun project to get your kids involved with planting, and keeping the containers indoors will allow your kids to keep a close eye on them as they begin to grow! For a healthy head start to planting use organic seeds and Harvest Organics Potting Mix.  

  • Get crafty with your kids! If your kids aren’t ready for any actual planting, or if it’s just a rainy day and you need a good way to keep them busy, try to create some garden-centered crafts with your kids to get them excited about the garden. You can make simple garden markers, golf ball ladybugs, or you could even go all out and build a fairy garden! The sky’s the limit, but the idea is to get your kids pumped about planning for the garden, caring for it, and making it beautiful.

  • Get them invested in the garden by printing out this plant observation journal for them. This is a great way to teach them about the planting cycle and to begin introducing some education about how long various plants take to grow. This is great for kiddos who are impatient while waiting for their seeds to sprout, and will keep them interested in checking in on the garden each day.

  • Have appropriate tools so your kids can participate safely. Kids like to dig in, literally. Take advantage of their interest in “helping” by getting them appropriately sized gardening tools – perhaps a small trowel, a small hand rake or cultivator, and a small shovel – that they can use while working in the garden together with you. Aim for light and small enough that they can use them safely, yet sturdy enough to actually perform gardening tasks. Tools will make them feel a little more grown up, and it’ll free up your tools from getting snatched away by tiny hands. Plus organic soils are safest for people, pets, and the planet.

A little creative thinking is all it takes to help build your child’s interest in gardening - and their independence outdoors! If you start working on these skills this spring, soon enough your kids might be able to start a garden of their very own!

What are your favorite ways to garden with your family? Leave your tips in the comments below!