Gardening Starter Kit: The 10 Gardening Tools You'll Need.

March 08, 2018
Categories: Garden

It might sound great in theory to have a beautiful, lush garden overflowing with more fruits and veggies than you could possibly eat. But then, you walk into the gardening center of your local home improvement store and are so overwhelmed with all of the tools, options, and supplies that you don’t even know where to start.

We’ve all been there. Let us help.

It doesn’t have to be hard to start a garden - in fact, with just these ten simple tools, you’ll have everything you need to get your very first garden up and running. And there will be no need for a meltdown in aisle nine. Promise.


  1. Gardening gloves. Gardens are full of bugs, dirt, digging, and the occasional sharp, pointy object (ever get into a fight with a rose bush?). A good set of gardening gloves will protect your hands from any possible injuries, and will also keep your manicure looking fresh. Win-win! 
  2. A shovel. Gardening obviously involves a fair amount of digging. You can opt for a small or a large shovel depending on the size of your garden, but either way you’re going to want a tool to help you out. Be sure to find a shovel with a sharp end to help break up tough soil! 
  3. Pruning shears. These will help you prune back anything that you plant in your garden, as well as those pesky things that you didn’t plant there. If you have an unruly bush or tree anywhere near your garden, you’re going to want an easy way to keep it in check. 
  4. A wheelbarrow. It may seem like overkill for a small garden, but a wheelbarrow will save your back when you have bags upon bags of soil, mulch, or other heavy supplies to lug out to your garden. Plus, it’s a great way to contain your bounty when it comes time to harvest! 
  5. A watering hose. You’re obviously going to need a way to feed those beautiful little plants of yours, right? A watering can will work fine for a smaller garden, but if you plan on expanding at all, you’re going to want to invest in a quality hose that will help you keep those veggies hydrated. Make sure to also get a spray attachment to help you control the flow so you don’t overwhelm your plants with too much pressure! 
  6. A small garden fork. This is also called a cultivator. This little handheld tool is perfect for aerating the soil around plants without disturbing the roots, as well as weeding in-between rows of plants. 
  7. A hand trowel. When you need to dig just a bit for a new plant and don’t want to break out the full-sized shovel, you’ll be glad to have a small trowel to help you out. This saves you from having to use your hands to move soil around for a new seedling, and is also helpful for breaking up soil as you’re working in the garden. 
  8. A rake. Perfect for leveling your soil, clearing it of any debris, and getting rid of all of those pesky leaves around your garden in the fall. 
  9. High-quality, organic soil. You can’t have a garden without soil, right? We recommend using an organic soil (like Harvest Organics Garden Soil) to ensure your garden gets plenty of nutrients and organic matter. If you need some help figuring out how much soil you’ll need, check out this handy planting calculator!  
  10. Seeds or starts! Of course, the most important component of any garden is what you’re planting! Whether you start from seeds or seedlings, you’re going to need something to get you started. Check out this post for some tips on how to plan out your garden so you know exactly what you want to plant! 

What are your must-have gardening tools?