Getting Your Kids Involved in Gardening: 4 Simple Ideas

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Sure, gardening can be a relaxing activity if you’re doing it alone, but it’s also a great opportunity to teach your kids how to care for a garden, how to plan a healthy diet, and the importance of getting outside and doing something productive!

It might feel a bit daunting to figure out how to get your kids involved in the gardening process - especially if they’re young or have never helped in the garden before. That’s why we’ve compiled a few quick tips and ideas to help you kick start your gardening adventures with your kids.


  • Use toilet paper rolls to create seed starter pots. Kids love any craft involving toilet paper rolls, and you’ll love that you’re getting to reuse something that would normally just get recycled. This is a great project for even the youngest kids, and a perfect way to introduce the concept of gardening to your youngsters.

  • Consider container gardening. If you want to give your kids full ownership of something in the garden, try giving them a small container garden that’s all theirs to tend. You’ll still need to give some guidance, but this is a great way to get your children invested in the concept of gardening, and help them feel like they’re in charge. Tomatoes, beans, and peppers are all great options for container gardens.

  • Put them in charge of easy-to-grow plants. Peas, strawberries, radishes, and carrots are all great options for kids that are simple to care for and mature relatively quickly. Tomatoes and basil are also fun options as a "pizza garden". Don’t forget to let them sample the fruits of their labor!

  • Try regrowing leftover veggies with water. This is a fun science experiment that can actually lead to delicious food for your family! This would be a fun project for a reluctant young gardener to teach the magic of growing your own food, and it’s free to boot!

Gardening with the whole family can be a great stress reliever, and a perfect way to get your kids focused on healthy and sustainable habits that will last a lifetime. All it takes is a little bit of patience to teach them the skills, and a little bit of creativity to figure out how they can help. If you start early, you can get your kids invested in gardening from a young age, they may just grow up to have an even better garden than you do!