March 22, 2018
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Today is a day all about focusing our attention on water and how important it is to our lives. You can read more about World Water Day and the 2018 theme (“Nature For Water”) over on the official World Water Day website - but today we wanted to spend a bit of time focusing on some interesting stats about how water waste...along with some tips on how to reduce it.

Water Waste Facts & Figures

  • Each year, broken sprinkler heads cause the U.S. to waste 18 billion gallons of water - that’s enough to fill Utah’s Great Salt Lake...twice. (Via Hydroknot)

  • A whopping 95% of the water that enters our homes goes right back down the drain. (Via Huffington Post)

  • As Americans, we use about 88 gallons of water per day in our homes. That’s almost an entire bathtub full of water for each person every single day! (Via EPA.gov)

  • Americans flush about 6.8 billion gallons of water down the toilet every day. (Via Save the Water)

That’s a lot of wasted water! So, what can we do about it? Here are a few tips for reducing the water waste in your home and garden:

  • Water your plants during the cool parts of the day to cut back on wasted water from evaporation. Also, reduce (or eliminate) your watering on rainy days.

  • Raise your lawnmower blades up a notch or two - longer grass uses up less water thanks to reduced evaporation, and it’s healthy for your lawn, too.

  • Save your cooking water from things like boiling potatoes and pasta - the water is rich in nutrients that are great for your garden and can easily be reused for watering.

  • Don’t forget to regularly mulch your flower beds to help lock in soil moisture and use a high-quality soil that will help retain and clean your water.

  • Consider adding a rainwater collection system to your yard - it’s simple to do and is a great way to water your garden without wasting a drop!

Here are a few other resources where you can find more information on water conservation in the garden: