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One of the simplest (and most effective) ways to bring a little life and texture into your home is to incorporate more plants and greenery. Most rooms don’t feel complete unless there’s something green and leafy included, and plants are such an easy way to add something special to every room in the house.

If you aren’t familiar with how to care for indoor plants, it might seem intimidating to get started - but thankfully, it’s generally very easy and affordable to bring a little bit of color into your home. We wanted to share a few simple tips for which plants are the easiest to care for, how to incorporate them into your home, and hopefully help you feel more confident when it comes to choosing your new houseplants.


5 Tips for Choosing & Caring for Houseplants

  1. Grab a trailing plant to put high up on a shelf. If you’re filling a bookcase or have an open shelf in your kitchen, a plant that trails out of the planter is a great option that can make a big impact! Pothos, Chandelier Plants, Jasmine, and Verbena are all great options for hanging planters.

  2. Choose low-maintenance plants for places that don’t get much light. A houseplant looks fantastic in the bathroom or laundry room, but rooms without windows (or with a lot of steam) can be like a tomb for your favorite plants. Thankfully, some plants need very little light or even water, so they’re perfect for these tough environments! Choose something like a Spider Plant, Grape Ivy, Tillandsia, or Peperomia - all of which love humid environments and will do well with low light in a bathroom.

  3. Hanging plants aren’t just for outside! A ceiling hook will allow you to install a hanging planter in any room of the house - they look great in bedrooms or kitchens, and as a bonus you can pop a trailing plant in them for an even more dramatic look. Some great options include String of Pearls, Black Pepper Vine, and Philodendron.

  4. If you have an awkward corner to fill in your home, grab a large plant instead of adding more furniture. A Fiddle Leaf Fig, Snake Plant, or an oversized Corn Plant would be a perfect fit for an empty space in your home - and as a bonus, they’re way cheaper than filling the space with another armchair!

  5. Houseplants can be practical too. Consider creating a miniature herb garden in your kitchen with some live basil, rosemary, or thyme plants. You can install hanging planters for them or simply line them up on your windowsill - no matter how you do it, live herbs will add a lot to your kitchen both design-wise and functionally.

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Houseplants are an important part of any design plan, and they’re guaranteed to make your house feel much more complete. If you feel like something is missing from any of the rooms in your house, try picking out a fresh new plant and see if it makes a difference - you may just be surprised by how much you love it!

What are your favorite houseplants?