5 Shrubs to Plant for More Privacy

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If you're looking to add a little bit of privacy to your yard this year, you don't have to look any further than your local nursery! There are dozens of varieties of shrubs and bushes that are perfect for adding a bit of privacy to your yard while also improving your curb appeal.

Privacy hedges should generally be planted in the early fall when the soil is still warm but the weather has cooled off a bit. This means that now is the perfect time to begin planning for your new plant-based privacy fence so that you're ready to go as soon as summer is over.

Here are five of our favorite privacy hedges to try in your backyard, along with some resources for even more ideas if these won't work for you!


5 Privacy Bushes to Try This Year

  1. Boxwood: One of the most common bushes used as a privacy hedge, the boxwood is a very easy to grow and maintain shrub for your yard. They can be kept short or be left to grow up to 20 feet tall, and are a great option for adding a little privacy to your home. They do best in zones 4-8 and can even be grown in containers if you want to be able to move them around a bit.

  2. Willow Hybrid: This willow variety can create a great privacy fence in your backyard and grows up to 6 or more feet per year. Willow hybrids are also great for creating wind breaks, so if you deal with a lot of wind around your home planting a few of these can be helpful. They do great in almost any zone, but are typically recommended for zones 4-9. When planted in rows, they can generally grow to around 35-45 feet tall.

  3. Bamboo: Bamboo is one of the very fastest-growing plants out there, which means this is a great solution if you’re looking for a quick fix. Bamboo should be planted about 3-5 feet apart and can grow up to 30 feet tall. Ideally, you’ll need to plant some sort of root barrier around your bamboo to prevent it from spreading too far, but with a little extra work you can have a gorgeous row of bamboo that will provide a great deal of privacy. Bamboo does best in zones 7-11.

  4. Spirea: Spirea shrubs are deciduous shrubs that bloom in either spring or summer, depending on the variety. They can grow up to 10 feet tall and wide and will provide the best privacy when paired with other privacy-providing bushes and shrubs, due to their shedding of leaves in the winter season. They’re easy to care for and thrive in zones 5-9.  

  5. Arborvitae: These trees create what is essentially a beautiful privacy fence when planted in an appropriately-spaced grouping. The exact size depends on the variety, but some species of Arborvitae can grow up to 70-feet tall and 25-feet wide. Most larger arborvitae varieties grow several feet per year, making them an ideal solution for fast-growing privacy. Arborvitae are ideal for zones 2-8.

No matter which variety you choose, you can create great, natural privacy in your backyard with a little creativity and some patience. Pair a few different varieties of privacy-providing shrubs together for the most impactful look, and settle in and enjoy your private backyard!

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