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Spring might be the perfect time to get started on your outdoor garden, but it’s also a great time to start thinking about adding some more potted plants to your collection. Potted plants are great for both indoors and outdoors, and they can be a great way to bring some of that fresh spring feeling into your home (and keep it there year-round!).

Here are a few quick tips to help make sure you’re getting the most out of your potted plants:


  • Be sure your pot is the right size. A general rule of thumb is that the pot you use should be about twice the size as the one your plant came in. This will give the plant plenty of room to grow and help prevent root rot.

  • Re-pot when needed. A healthy plant will likely continue to grow and will, someday, outgrow the original container you put it in. Pay attention to the growth of your plant and when you begin to see roots at the top of your soil or notice your plant is starting to look unhealthy or just generally too big for the pot, consider getting a larger pot. There is an exception to this rule, though! Some plants are perfectly fine when root bound, and should be left alone - check out this article for more information on that.

  • Consider adding rocks to the bottom of your pot. Some pots have a drainage hole in the bottom, but for pots that don’t, it’s a good idea to add a bit of pea gravel or other small rocks to the bottom of your pot to assist with drainage. It helps the roots stay healthy and will overall be great for the life of your plant!

  • Don’t forget to dust the leaves! It might be easy for you to remember to water your plants on a regular basis, but are you checking the leaves for dust? Some plants, especially those with large leaves, tend to gather dust which can affect the growth and health of your plants. Give them a quick wipedown every few weeks to be sure they’re looking shiny and clean.

  • Find just the right spot for your indoor plants. Houseplants are a little bit like Goldilocks - they want their environment to be not too bright, not too dark, but just right. Each plant has different light preferences, and if you don’t pay close attention and place them in a spot that best meets their sunlight needs, you’ll end up with sad and unhealthy plants! Plants that like indirect sunlight should be placed in a bright area of the house where the sun doesn’t actually hit them directly. Plants that like direct light should be placed near a window that gets plenty of sun throughout the day. It may take some time to find that “just right” spot for each of your plants, but it’s definitely worth the effort!

Oh, and don’t forget a high quality potting soil! You’ll want to be sure to use a soil specifically formulated for potted plants, like Harvest Organics Potting Mix, to ensure your plants get all of the nutrients they need.

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