Reduce Your Waste With a DIY Reusable Tote Bag

April 20, 2018
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Here’s a quick Earth Day fact for you: 

On average, families use about 60 plastic bags in just four visits to the grocery store. Even worse, the average time those bags actually get used for is just twelve minutes.

I think we’d all agree that we can do better than that.

This Earth Day, why don’t you invest in some reusable totes? They can help you eliminate thousands of plastic bags from your life - that’s a lot of waste! Better yet, why don’t you make your own?

It’s quick and easy to sew your own reusable totes, and if you get a little creative you can often even make them from recycled materials like old t-shirts or jeans! And while you’re at it, remember that you don’t always need to bust out a plastic bag when you’re doing chores around the house and need a spot to throw something away. For example, an empty Harvest Organics soil bag would make a great trash can for yard waste! If you think outside the box, you can find simple and creative ways to reduce the plastic and packaging waste in your home without any extra effort on your part.


Image via Paper & Stitch Blog

Here are 5 quick tutorials to help you make your own reusable totes:

With a little bit of effort and creativity, we can reduce our plastic bag waste and make a big impact.