Rockin’ Plant Markers

Categories: Garden
Tags: DIY, gardening, craft

While we pride ourselves on being plant people, identifying plants – even ones we just planted – can be a struggle to remember what we planted and where - especially when moving fast in the garden! Freshly sprouted spinach looks really similar to arugula. And don’t even get me started on how many times we’ve heard of people plucking out a radish thinking it was a weed. Been there, done that!

Which is why we are big supporters of plant markers. Besides clearing up any garden confusion, these simple DIY plant markers get the whole family involved in an outdoor activity that encourages the kiddos to get involved in the garden.  

Before getting your hands dirty, check out our video detailing the quick steps to make rockin’ plant markers.

Harvest Organics Shorts: How To Make Rockin' Plant Markers


Materials Needed:

  • Stones (1 stone per type of plant in your garden. Try finding a stone that is a similar shape to your crop, i.e. long and skinny for carrots.)

  • Paint

  • Brushes

  • Charcoal

Steps to make DIY Garden Markers :

  1. Using charcoal or dark crayons, draw the outline of your crop.

  2. Paint your veggie or fruit designs with acrylic paint and let dry overnight. Use a sealant to protect your design.

  3. Add them to your garden bed and admire your handiwork!