April 26, 2018
Categories: Garden

How about adding a little curb appeal to your home with a simple DIY window box? Window boxes are quick and easy to build: they can be completed in an afternoon, they’re an affordable upgrade to your home, and they look absolutely beautiful. 

We put together a quick tutorial to help you get started on building a window box of your very own.


Materials & Tools:

  • 1'X8' cedar boards (enough for your desired window box size)

  • 1'X2' cedar boards (get enough to trim the top and bottom of your desired size)

  • Miter saw (alternatively, you can have the hardware store cut the boards down for you)

  • Power drill + driver

  • Exterior screws

  • Wood glue

  • Clamps

  • Nail gun

  • Stain

  • 2 L-shaped brackets

  • Rocks, for drainage

  • Harvest Organics Potting Mix

  • Flowers of your choosing



  • Start by cutting your cedar boards down to size - if you want the window box to run the length of your window, you’ll just measure the window and use that measurement for the length of your box. Our window was just over 6 feet long. You’ll need three boards cut to the length of the box, and two boards cut to fit the sides of the box.


  • Begin constructing the window box by attaching your two long sides to the bottom board. Use wood glue and exterior screws to attach (corner clamps can be very helpful to hold things in place for you as you work!). Be sure to pre-drill the holes for your screws, as cedar can split easily. 


  • Once you have both long sides attached, use the same method to attach the two side pieces.
  • If desired, you can add trim to the top and bottom of the box at this point using wood glue and your nail gun.


  • Finally, drill several drainage holes in the bottom of the box to ensure your plants can drain properly.


  • You can finish the box with whatever stain, paint, or other sealant you’d like. We used some dark stain and an exterior-grade sealant for our box.
  • To hang your box, mount two L-brackets under your window using heavy duty, exterior grade screws - be sure to attach them directly into the studs of the house (you can use a stud finder, if necessary).


  • Attach the window box to the brackets, and you’re ready to start filling it up. 


  • To fill, start with a layer of river rock to assist further with the drainage process, then add a layer of Harvest Organics Potting Mix. 
  • Finally, add your flowers in and enjoy your beautiful new window box! 
  • What kind of flowers do you like to add to your window boxes? Leave your best window box tips in the comments!