Spring Is In the Air

March 20, 2018
Categories: Live

Today is the spring equinox, which means that long and dreary winter is finally over and we can begin celebrating all things spring!

Now that the days are getting longer, it’s the perfect time of year to spend a little extra time in the garden. Plants tend to love the spring, because the extra sunlight provides great nourishment - and it feels so nice outside that we’re a lot more likely to be out there tending to them every day.

Throughout the spring, the days will slowly get longer and longer until they peak at the summer solstice. Longer days mean more sun for your plants, which means more growth - your garden thrives on the sunlight, and since most fruits and veggies like a full day of sun the longer days are fantastic for your plants.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind this spring to help you take advantage of the extra sunlight:

  • Get outside early to avoid the heat. With more sun comes higher temperatures - it can be sweltering in the late afternoon, so try to head outside first thing in the morning to get your gardening done. You can enjoy the beautiful weather and not break a sweat!

  • Don’t forget to protect fragile plants. While most plants love the extra sun, some are a bit more sensitive. If you have any plants that are prone to being damaged by too much sun, be sure to take some precautions to keep them covered up. Here are some great tips for ensuring that your plants don’t sustain any damage from all the extra sunlight.

  • Be sure to focus on planting fruits, veggies, and flowers that thrive on the additional sunlight. Did you know there’s a difference between “short day plants” (or, plants that need less sunlight) and “long day plants” (plants that can’t get enough sun)? Check out this article for more information on which plants do better during these longer days so you can be sure your garden is full of plants that will appreciate the extra sunlight.

  • Involve the whole family. We’ve already shared a few great tips for getting your kids out in the garden with you - this is a great time to put those tips to use! Sunlight is great for more than just the plants, so encourage your family to get outside with you and enjoy these longer days.

  • Don’t forget some “just for fun” plants. It can be easy to focus on planting fruits and veggies that will help sustain your family, but those beautiful flowers are great for your garden too. Not only do they make everything just a little more beautiful, they can be great at repelling insects that might destroy all of your hard work and attracting the ones that will benefit your garden. Check out this article from The Spruce for more info on which flowers are perfect for your vegetable garden.

Happy first day of spring - now get out there and get your hands dirty!