Three Steps for Planning Your Garden

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Gardens can be a great way to get exercise, create beauty, grow food, and beautify your space.  Here are three steps for getting organized around your garden adventure.

  1. Get Clear On What You Want to Accomplish

The garden is a teacher and will meet you wherever you are at on the landscape learning curve.  Do you want to simply grow a good tomato?  Do you want to create an incredible outdoor playspace like this girl (see below)?  

Do you want a scenic and restful space?  Are flowers your thing? Do you want to help improve water quality by building a cool rain garden?  Or perhaps you want to make your lawn green, naturally

Get clear on your vision.

 2. Assemble Your Tools

Sure, you’ll probably need a shovel, trowel, and weeding rake.  But in this case we’re talking about your educational tools. We like the following:

Pinterest: Provides endless topics and boards that help you seek and see, such as DIY projects.

Books: Old fashioned, perhaps, but still so nice to page through. We particularly like:

Blogs: But of course.

One thing we know is that you’ll likely need to buy some soil or mulch.  We have an excellent Harvest Landscape Calculator that helps you do the math, and provides useful tips on application.

3. Start Small and Grow From There  

It’s easy to bite off more than you can chew, especially when buying packets of seeds.  They then grow so big, weeding gets daunting, and all of a sudden gnomes move in.  Go easy. Tackle small projects. Then grow from there.

How do you get organized for tackling landscaping projects? Where do you turn for inspiration?