Tips to Prep & Pot Your Pansies

March 27, 2018
Categories: Grow

As the weather starts to warm up and we start to spend more time outdoors, it’s the perfect time of year to start thinking about adding some potted plants to your yard or patio. Many flowering plants grow beautifully in containers and they add so much to your outdoor decor. Pansies are a really simple and easy-to-care-for flower and, depending on what zone you live in and how you care for them, they can return for multiple years so you can continue to enjoy their beauty!  

While it might seem intimidating to try and grow your own potted pansies, growing beautiful flowers in containers doesn’t have to be hard - in fact, it’s incredibly easy to plant and grow your own stunning potted plants at home. All you’ve got to do is follow these four simple steps to get ‘em planted:

Four Quick Steps to Beautiful Potted Pansies

STEP ONE: Select a pot with drainage holes and add a layer of small rocks in the bottom so that the holes don’t get clogged with soil.

STEP TWO: Grab your favorite potting soil (we recommend Harvest Organics Potting Mix for a blend specifically designed with potted plants in mind) and fill your container about ⅓ full of soil.

STEP THREE: Add your pansies! Don’t forget to gently loosen the rootball before adding it to the container.

STEP FOUR: Fill the rest of the container with potting soil.


These steps apply to any kind of flower you might get the itch to grow this spring, but here are a few things to keep in mind for pansies specifically:

  • Pansies only need to be watered about once per week, and don’t like to be overwatered.

  • Pansies love the sunlight and do well in full to partial sun.

  • Despite their sun-loving nature, pansies don’t love the heat. They do best in cooler weather, and you might want to bring your pansies indoors if your weather gets too hot. During the warmer months, cut your pansies back and add some mulch to conserve the moisture in the soil - this will help them grow back even healthier once things cool off!

  • You should deadhead (or, remove any blooms that are past their prime) your pansies regularly to ensure healthy growth.

If you keep these simple tips in mind, your pansies should live a long and healthy life - and add plenty of color to your backyard all season long! Happy pansy planting!

We recommend using a high-quality organic soil, like Harvest's Organic Potting Mix.

Fill your container 1/3 full of soil.

Add your pansies.

Add soil to fill in the empty space, and you're ready to enjoy your plant!