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Red: Aged Pine Bark – Tiny shreds of aged pine bark, called fines, naturally encourage airflow and water drainage. Microorganisms like earthworms and healthy plant bacteria love these bark fines — and more microorganisms mean richer, more fertile soil.

Green: Perlite – The addition of organic perlite to our products improves water flow and aeration. Perlite helps plants thrive by preventing soil compaction — because when roots can strike deep, plants can grow strong.

Blue: Peat Moss – Peat moss retains up to 20 times its weight in water, and it slowly releases moisture to keep plants from dehydrating. Peat moss also has aerating properties that allow air, water and nutrients to easily penetrate roots.

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Organic Garden Soil

This jack-of-all-trades soil is perfect for in-ground planting projects. Harvest Organics Garden Soil is a do-it-all, in-ground mix that’s rich in organic matter and plant-happy nutrients. Use this OMRI-listed, all-purpose gardening soil to grow beautiful flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs.

For Vegetables and Flowerbeds: 

Starting off
Cover your planting area with a 2"-4" layer of Harvest Organics Garden Soil. Mix it thoroughly using a spade, hoe, or rototiller with the top 6" of existing soil. Level the soil smooth with a rake. Plant flowers and vegetables per instructions. Water thoroughly after planting.

Condition the soil this way every one to two years depending on overall soil quality. 

For Trees, Shrubs and Perennials:
Starting off
Dig an oversized hole, twice as wide and deep as the rootball. Create a mix with equal parts Organic Garden Soil and existing soil. Then fill ½ the hole with the mix. Gently loosen the rootball and align the plant with the landscape. Backfill the rest of the hole with the mix and extra soil.

Maintain trees and shrubs by removing any shoots or suckers coming out from the trunk, clearing undergrowth vegetation a few feet out from the trunk, and amending the soil by mixing in a 1" layer of Organic Garden Soil. To reduce weeds, add a 2"-4" layer of a mulch of your choice; keep the trunk area clear by a few inches to give the roots the oxygen they need. 

For Lawn and Turf:

Starting off
Apply a 1"-3" layer of Organic Garden Soil to the soil and incorporate it to a depth of 5"-7". Apply seed or sod to the amended area. Water thoroughly, and try to keep off the lawn until it is established.

Apply a ¼" to ½" layer of Organic Garden Soil evenly to the grass or turf surface. 

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