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Red: Aged Pine Bark – Tiny shreds of aged pine bark, called fines, naturally encourage airflow and water drainage. Microorganisms like earthworms and healthy plant bacteria love these bark fines — and more microorganisms mean richer, more fertile soil.

Green: Perlite – The addition of organic perlite to our products improves water flow and aeration. Perlite helps plants thrive by preventing soil compaction — because when roots can strike deep, plants can grow strong.

Blue: Peat Moss – Peat moss retains up to 20 times its weight in water, and it slowly releases moisture to keep plants from dehydrating. Peat moss also has aerating properties that allow air, water and nutrients to easily penetrate roots.

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Organic Potting Mix

Give your plants a dose of Harvest Organics Potting Mix, and they won’t be able to contain themselves. This OMRI-listed blend is designed specifically with potted plants in mind and perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

For Pots and Containers: 

Starting off 
Fill container 1/3-full with Organic Potting Mix.  It is typically a loose and light mixture of materials. Gently loosen the rootball and place the plant into the pot. Fill the extra space with Organic Potting Mix. Water thoroughly and let drain.

If the soil level drops below the top of the rootball, add additional mix to bring it back up.  If your plant outgrows its pot, transplant into a new pot 1" larger in diameter than the original pot, giving the roots more room to grow. 

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