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Red: Aged Pine Bark – Tiny shreds of aged pine bark, called fines, naturally encourage airflow and water drainage. Microorganisms like earthworms and healthy plant bacteria love these bark fines — and more microorganisms mean richer, more fertile soil.

Blue: Peat Moss – Peat moss retains up to 20 times its weight in water, and it slowly releases moisture to keep plants from dehydrating. Peat moss also has aerating properties that allow air, water and nutrients to easily penetrate roots.

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Organic Raised Bed Mix

Want your plants to wake up on the right side of the bed? Use Harvest Organics Raised Bed Mix. This specially formulated, OMRI-listed mix slowly releases nutrients that feed flowers, vegetables and herbs.

For Raised Beds:

Starting off
Add 8"-12" of Organic Raised Bed Mix to the top layer of your raised bed (or fill it entirely). Level the soil and add seeds or starter plants. Water generously.

For existing raised beds, the nutrients and organic matter will decompose and diminish over time.  The soil will also settle.  To boost your garden bed, each spring add 1"-3" of Organic Raised Bed Mix into the top 6-inches of the existing soil. Level the soil and add seeds or starter plants. Water generously.

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