Get Back to Nature. Give Back to Earth.

Be part of a life-giving cycle that reimagines waste and renews our planet’s resources. 

The Challenge

Fill Less of the landfill.

Every day, millions of people toss out their table scraps and lawn clippings. This organic waste heads straight to crowded landfills, where it decomposes and becomes a leading contributor of toxic methane gas.

The Solution

From wasted to wanted.

By collaborating with municipalities and encouraging communities to sort organic waste, Harvest keeps good trash out of bad landfills. We route organic waste to our processing plants, where we compost responsibly to create top quality organic soils and other sustainable products.

The Movement

Grown for the greater good.

By using our products, you become part of the Harvest Effect™, a movement to reduce waste and replenish the earth. You can grow something amazing, and then repurpose the fruits of your labor in a never-ending cycle of goodness and renewal.

The Big Idea

Powered by plants. Fueled by Harvest.

We care about the earth. That’s why we aim to add value at every turn of the engine, the season, and the shovel. Our big idea? Use organic waste to create clean energy that can power farms, factories and cities. Learn more about our company’s innovative technologies and end-to-end organic management products and services at

Harvest Community

We’re spreading goodness across backyards and biospheres. Our community unites lifelong planters, novice gardeners and all those interested in a greener way to garden. Whether you’re already rabid about reuse and recycling or just beginning to discover the world of organics, there’s a place for you here. All you have to do is join. 

It starts with you. It ends with all of us.

At Harvest, we believe it’s possible to breathe new life into age-old problems — like how to keep organic waste out of toxic landfills. We’re committed to developing innovative solutions that power better gardens, greener tomorrows and a more sustainable future. Ultimately, we envision a world where valuable resources are harvested, never wasted. These are the principles that guide us.

Act with thoughtfulness. Stay real.
Power forward. Put purpose into everything. Be inclusive.