Better blooms. Better bites.

From flowers to vegetables, Harvest Organics produces soils for healthier, happier plants.

Get to the root of clean eating.

Sure, you try to eat well. You buy free-range chicken, minimally processed foods, and plenty of organic vegetables. But do you treat your garden with the same degree of consideration? If you’re planning to grow vegetables and herbs, know that whatever goes in your soil will be ingested by your plants … and by the people who enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

Organic soil = big results.

Think organic soil is only good for your vegetable garden? Think again. Plants of all shapes and sizes love the natural micronutrients found in Harvest Organics products. Our soils help plants grow strong, producing big, vibrant blooms.  

Certified Clean Dirt

More good stuff. No scary stuff.

Our soils are formulated with all natural organic ingredients. By using organic materials and composted forest products, we create nutrient rich products that plants love and people can feel good about. To explore our full range of soils and find out which is best for your garden, visit our product page.  

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Need inspiration for a greener life?

From how to assemble a Mason jar herb garden to the easiest way to macramé a hanging planter, we’ve got video content that helps make gardening simple.  

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Come together. Save the World.

We’re spreading goodness across backyards and biospheres. Our community unites lifelong planters, novice gardeners and all those interested in a greener way to garden. Whether you’re already rabid about reuse and recycling or just beginning to discover the world of organics, there’s a place for you here. All you have to do is join. 

It starts with you. It ends with all of us.

At Harvest, we believe it’s possible to breathe new life into age-old problems — like how to keep organic waste out of toxic landfills. We’re committed to developing innovative solutions that power better gardens, greener tomorrows and a more sustainable future. Ultimately, we envision a world where valuable resources are harvested, never wasted. These are the principles that guide us.

Act with thoughtfulness. Stay real.
Power forward. Put purpose into everything. Be inclusive.